New exhibition: Floorplan for an Institution: The Archive

I have put together one of a series of exhibitions gathered under the banner Floorplan for an Institution, which is taking place at Meter Room in Coventry. Each curated by a local artist run space. Down Stairs was given the task of imagining The Archive. It opens tomorrow night, Monday 28th January from 6pm and runs through until the end of February. I will initially be working with and presenting work by artist Elizabeth Mills alongside some of my own work.

Floorplan for an institution: The Archive
Down Stairs at Meter Room
Opens 28th January 2013, 6pm

With the recent shift to producing more media documentation than we can consume, why consciously begin an archive if it becomes un-navigable without constant administration and management? Archiving the archive is like a dog chasing it’s tale: Goes fast, gets nowhere, feels dizzy.

The Archive, curated by Craig Barnes of artist-run project space Down Stairs, offers possible approaches that create a new body of reductive archive material. Rather than ponder how to archive media which grows at an exponential rate, The Archive seeks to document the now largely undocumented incidentals: the conversations that take place between people in person.

For The Archive Craig Barnes will construct a series of large carpeted sculptures on wheels, entitled ‘Breakout zone’, which will serve as the location for a series of small meetings, discussions and workshops within Meter Room. Over documentation of these events is to be avoided. Instead, minutes of pertinent details will be taken and circulated in good time. A digest if you like.

The series of meetings will be dealing with notions of coupling discipline with invention, storytelling, redundant skill sets, ways to increase the effectiveness of memory, delegation in collaborative practice, and the question: should everybody, regardless of profession, take part in a Monday meeting?

Meter Room, 58-64 Corporation Street, Coventry, West Midlands, CV11GF

This Saturday: When Shall We Set Sail for Happiness? catalogue launch at FOLD GALLERY | LONDON

If you are in London this weekend please join me on Saturday from 5 – 8pm for the launch of the exhibition catalogue of When Shall We Set Sail for Happiness? at Fold Gallery | London.

As well as the catalogue being available for the first time, the evening will feature a performance by Elvis tribute artist Mike Nova, Newbury resident and ‘Best International Elvis Champion’ at the 2010 Elvis Tribute Artist Convention, in Memphis, USA.

The exhibition continues until next Saturday 10th November. Gallery opening hours Wednesday – Saturday 12 – 6pm or by appointment.



5 – 8 PM

FOLD Gallery London
15 Clerkenwell Close

NEW SHOW: Marketplace at Division of Labour

Malvern & Worcester based gallery Division of Labour have devised an exhibition of artworks exploring themes around Ikea and its present day ubiquity in our lives. Featuring works by Craig Barnes, Guy Ben-Ner, Sam Curtis, Jacob Dahlgren, Helmut Smits, Andrew Sutherland and Miles Thurlow, it includes my work from 2011, Lack.

Ikea begun in the 1920’s when at the age of five founder Ingvar Kamprad starts selling matches door to door using his bicycle. This year the Swedish furniture producing, lifestyle retailing multinational celebrates its 25th anniversary since it’s launch in the UK.

Lack hovers between commiserating and celebrating the apparent commodification of the sculptural forms of Donald Judd into an embodiment of present day of cheap mass produced items – Ikea’s bestselling range of Lack floating shelves. Appropriating low resolution JPEG images of the range from the Ikea website, the images are then printed on large format mass produced fluorescent flyposters, and flyposted directly onto the gallery exterior and interior.

The exhibition opens tomorrow, Friday 5th October with a preview from 7 -9pm, and then runs until 22nd December by appointment.

Division of Labour
Unit 1
Cowleigh Road
WE14 1QD

With thanks to Stephan who happened to be passing and took the photos.