The Futuro

Of late I’ve been consumed with restoring my 1972 built Futuro house. Intentions are for a full programme of events to run concurrently to being somewhere for folk to lay their giddy heads. I am looking for locations to take the Futuro house to so if you have any ideas regarding this please get in touch. More information about the Futuro can be found at


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  1. Hello – I hope I am speaking with Craig Barnes, the owner of ‘The Future House’.
    Well, I was just blow away when I saw the article on this house in the ” gizmag” magazine, because I’ve been living in Port Elizabeth South Africa all my life and in the early seventies and I am so very sure that I went to an advertised ‘show house’ – your future house no less. I remember driving through a wooded area on the outskirts of Port Elizabeth – following the arrows through this densely tree’d road not knowing what to expect cause the advert was rather ‘alien’ if you like, and then walla!!! there it was – the martians have landed, were my first thoughts. And immediately euphoria set in – I MUST HAVE THIS – went through my mind. Unfortunately it was beyond my means, try as I may though. Anyway, I am so pleased I found the article so I can now show all my friends as proof of my story and not just a ‘tall tale’ as they would argue. I had tried for years later for info, but to no avail.
    Please Craig, if you have the time, could you tell me the story of where, how and when you got to find it here in South Africa and how you eventually got it back to London. I see it is now perched on top of Matts Gallery.
    Good luck with ‘nearly my home’ and kindest regards.
    Olaf Muller

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