Dave Tyack

I find it hard to listen to music like I used to. For a bunch of reasons. More often than not my ears just don’t hear it. So when they do it kind of stops me in my tracks.

A couple of days ago I was reading this by Jude Rodgers on Caught by the River which struck a chord (or chimed? odd how the only language I can think references music).

Then today I was attempting to make a playlist for driving home for Christmas (no, no Chris Rea, or was it Shakin’ Stevens? who cares…) and came across the song Brownie & Sonny by Dakota Oak Trio. It never fails to stop me in my tracks and stare into nothing. And usually cry a little. Cry a bit for Dave Tyack, who although I only met a couple of times when he was sharing a house with my mate Josh at university, was one of the warmest funniest people I had the pleasure to meet at a time when my life was significantly more like social pinball than it is now. And also a bit for other good souls that aren’t with us any longer.

Here’s an mp3 of Brownie & Sonny for you to listen to yourselves. Happy Christmas y’all. x

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