It’s been a long time…

… I shouldn’t have left you. Etc etc.

I don’t really know what happened exactly to make me stop posting things of interest here. I guess it’s the combination of readying work for three, no four, shows back to back and a lot of running around, including a stint in lovely Amsterdam, plus moving from London to Herefordshire. And opening a gallery. Etc etc and etc. Breathe.

And I also guess I’m taking a bit of stock after all that and trying to gather my thoughts and figure out, again, what it is I want my work to be doing. Time spent making and doing without purpose would be beneficial to this attempt of thinking of things with a purpose.

I am curating a show. The show is going to be called Change the world or go home. I am not in it, but it revolves around some ideas I am interested in. Or questions that we can ask of the purpose of a work of art in the here and now.

I don’t have many answers yet. I’ve just visited the degree shows of St Martins, Chelsea, Wimbledon and Camberwell and the MA show of the Slade, with the RCA and Goldsmiths yet to come. I got a few clues but there was surprisingly little of Change the world or go home I could find. We artists on the whole seem to be an apathetic bunch. If I was making a show called Bad  bad painting I’d be laughing though.

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