Other people’s art: Versailles show

The show is over, but there was a lot of good stuff by nice folk in it, most of whom I hadn’t seen before. Here’s a bunch of links to people’s sites if you fancy a cut and paste frenzy.

Claudia Djabbari ~ www.claudiadjabbari.com
Craig Barnes ~ www.craigbarnes.co.uk
Elizabeth Shuck ~ www.chelseadegreeshow.org/2010/fineart/student/Elizabeth%20Shuck
Hannah Stearn ~ www.hannahstearn.co.uk
Isabella Martin ~ www.isabellarosemartin.co.uk
Jenny Campbell ~ www.jennifercarolinecampbell.co.uk
Jess Blackstone ~ www.jessblackstone.co.uk
Jonny Briggs ~ www.jonnybriggs.com
Kirsty Jackman ~ www.kirstyjackman.com
Laura Jane Scott ~ http://www.chelseadegreeshow.org/2010/fineart/student/Laura%20Scott.html
Lizzie King ~ www.flickr.com/photos/gooseberry-fool
Lucia Quevedo ~ www.luciaquevedo.com
Marie Braad Larsen ~ http://www.chelseadegreeshow.org/2010/fineart/student/Marie%20Braad%20Larsen.html
Mark Walker ~ www.markwalker.co.uk
Matilda Moors ~ www.matildamoors.com
Murray O’Grady ~ www.murrayogrady.com
Patrick Staff ~ www.patrickstaff.co.uk
Peter Willis ~ www.deadtreesanddye.com
Rachel Westerman ~ www.rachelwesterman.com
Rowena Edwards ~ http://www.chelseadegreeshow.org/2010/fineart/student/Rowena%20Jane%20Edwards.html
Russell Hill ~ www.russell-hill.blogspot.com
Sam Craven ~ www.samuelcraven.co.uk
Taki Shiomitsu ~ http://www.facebook.com/l/62668;vimeo.com/18952111 & http://www.facebook.com/#!/photo.php?fbid=496272994735&set=a.496272919735.273069.515799735

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