Things i saw


In exeter, a shop no longer a shop bearing the word Dodo on it. Nice and simple window display.


At the William Morris Museum in Walthamstow, a nice bit of bottle glass stained window. I’d love to know more about when and why it became fashionable in the 20th century for pubs to use glass panes with imitation faults in them, dead centered, akin to the bottle end effect above. I don’t actually know what those panes are called. The stone cladding of windows.


A building with a humpy boil like protrusion in Hatton Garden, just off Leather Lane.


The back of my car outside my studio on Southgate Road, with 10 bags of cement perfectly fitting inside it, and one broken bag perfectly fitting inside a Cass art plastic bag. I love it when objects show their pre ordained sizing according to some consideration on someones part at some point in time (standardisation kicked in early 20th century right? wrong?)  Normally its feet and inches I find. Metric doesn’t get a look in. Too late to the party. Also makes me think about what if Cass Art sold cement.


I love my local chip shop’s signs. I want mushy curry baked gravy so bad. As I recall the clipped bit from the Grilled Fish Available fluro one originally said Also. Or maybe Now. And then they decided it didn’t need to say that any more.

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