Other people’s art: Jess Blandford.

A fair while ago I studied with Jess at Chelsea, and bumped into her again last year.


She was in a show, The Market Estate Project, a couple of weeks ago in an estate block due for destruction, just round the corner from where I used to live in North London, along with 60 other or so artists. Momoko was also in the show.


Open for one day only, it was all very jolly, and i did have an occasional sense of it marking the end, and meaning something to a few who had live in or around the estate. There were some poignant moments, and some bombastic moments. Given the below freezing chill in the air, sensory bombast often seemed to be the way to go.


I’m kind of curious as to why it took place though. I suspect some kind of planning stipulation the developers had to follow as part of the redevelopment of the site, but I may be wrong. Coming across like a small slice of what goes on a lot in Europe, it was a rare treat all the same.

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