Other peoples art: Conrad Shawcross.

L1090986 copy_720x405.shkl

The art of slowing time down by making it visible. The by-product being twined rope bought by the length of duration. Ingenious, calming, and held its own against the equally curious Kingsway tram underpass in which is it sited. Thank god people weren’t allowed to take photos of the piece. What do people do with all these photos they take? Its like being back in the late 80’s / early 90’s when people used to video their entire holidays never once looking up from the camera. Except with flashes. Anyhow, back to the subject in hand. Cut and cover tunneling: So simple. I know there are utility pipes wires cables ducting to high heaven underneath our streets but couldn’t we just have a few more underpasses at snarly London junctions please? Brussels has loads of them and if you know where you’re going, they work really well. Not great if you’re on sat nav mind.

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