Not a box for shirking in, conspiracist.

Burdensome box! Still finding my way around it, but whilst messing around with text based stuff, that seems to wear it’s (my) heart on its sleeve a little more prominently, I really am struggling with my visibility. Oul wandered in today took one look at the scraps of paper adorning the walls and mentioned something about it being like a crazed conspiracist’s space. What was I to say? Sure I’m after bottling that maniacal spirit that takes place during making doing and thinking, but it’s a fine balance. As long as I get across the ‘eccentric escapism’ (trends 09/10), ahem, I have been shoehorned into for the sakes of trend prediction, it will be ok. I think. I don’t know. Jury is still out on that one actually. Am slightly concerned it’s all a bit fiddling whilst Rome burns.

Anyhow, I took down the scraps, rolled up the large text piece previously pictured, and stuck up two postcards purchased at the Tate earlier in the day. A John Singer Seargent that I have bought before, and a Ben Nicholson that I don’t really like that much, but I choose above one of his flat cubed modernist ones, which seemed a bit obvious, and well, flat. The one with the union jack bunting seen through a window (in St Ives or somesuch), although I’m not really a fan of it, places his practice in a place and time, and having spent the morning altermoderning (terrible word) that seemed apt. Plus, there were no nice postcards of any of the work from the show. Interesting.

Although I sort of hate the box now, it is something to work against, which is good. It gets me thinking. Working out my show proposal in my head, I know that come the end of this cycle, I don’t want the box to still be around, not like it is now anyway. That would defeat the point entirely.

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