Hipsterisation strategies all around.


New year resolutions of sorts: To label photos, to tag, to elaborate on why things are here. Been busy in 2009 wandering the (partially) gentrified streets of the north bank of the river Thames, east of Tower Hill; and Bexhill on Sea, a town on the south coast a couple of hours drive from London.

Top photo: The Wapping Project, London. “An idea constantly in transition” their website tells me. I only poked my head into the place, but I kinda get that. Features what appeared to be a rather expensive restaurant, which makes the whole place a little aloof and elitist for my liking.

Bottom photo: De La Warr Pavilion, Bexhill on Sea. Recently revived seafront pavilion (pavilion – an interesting concept in itself) inbued with 1930’s Modernist idealism and stylings. Bexhill on Sea, typical slightly decrepid seaside town “being saved” by this modernist white knight with shining railings. Heck, it drew four of us there and we £24 on lunch in the town, so it did its bit. Bloody long que for a cappuchino though.

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