Give me some of your art school art for £10.

Ah the sweet smell of confusion and not really giving a damn. This one relates to project number 5 of the Notional Gallery, starting life as a maquette for structural interventions into reception areas within each of the University of the Arts colleges reception areas, as a means to distribute blank postcards to students passing through to take, do some of their finest art on, and mail it back in exchange for £10. Each colleges respective structure then to be used to display the received cross section of that particular art schools art, and viewed in relation to each other art schools art. Process to be repeated year on year, to build archive of nature/type/quality of art being produced. Project to be backed by Coutts bank (or somesuch other sponsor), with a 50/50 profit share after costs as at some point in time after each years archive is auctioned or sold piece by piece. The involvement of a bank, and financial exchange is key, otherwise the whole premise collapses, a little like the maquette did (repeatedly).

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