Other peoples (public) art: Banksy & Laurence Weiner

I can’t quite believe I am writing this, sigh. As if the guy needs any more attention. That said, I was quite excited by this when walking to work the other day, as this kind of of large scale wall piece doesn’t occur very often in London (unlike New York). As I got closer and I saw a trademark Banksy figure at the bottom my heart sank a little. Not because I really resent him his success in any way. Its just that it would have been nice if someone else had done it. If it hadn’t felt as calculated as it does knowing its by Banksy.

Anyway, its a good starter to clarify something in my previous post. When I was talking about public art in Amsterdam (and Holland), I was talking about state sponsored public art. Obviously there’s a whole world out there of public art that isn’t state sponsored. Just wanted to clear that up. Mainly for myself.

Whilst on the subject, I read a nice Lawrence Weiner interview today in Art Review where he talks a little about his take on public art, and his admiration for ‘public artists’. I’m sorta loath to try and find a pull quote, as like most pull quotes, the context always gets mangled a little. Its not on the Art Review website, so alas one must read it in the actual magazine. Maybe I’ll type it when my list of things to do is less long, or I need another distraction (like typing this thing) from dealing with the urgent stuff.

Lawrence Weiner. Someone I wasn’t really aware of before, like seemingly a lot of art and artists who I now know of a little, but did not prior to being in Amsterdam. For that I am grateful, thank you.

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