So long Amsterdam…

It was fun while it lasted, but now I am home in London, and do you know what, it feels pretty good to be back without the thought of having to leave again. I’ve a mountain of stuff to climb in this new strange real world, but with deep breaths I shall rattle through it. The sculpture above was my parting gift to the Rietveld. A small token of what counts for me, but didn’t seem to count for them. It’s called Trinning (as in ‘twinning’, but three). Part of an unrealised series called ‘The 1% that couldn’t be’, or words to that effect. If you travel for a while around Amsterdam you’ll regularly come across great hulking bits of curved stainless steel, or abstract wall murals, all in the name of public art. This glut of sculpture derives from a planning law in Holland that states any new building construction must feature some public art. I believe it’s called the 1% rule. A very worthy rule it is too. But alas, public sculpture always has to tick the boxes marked ‘risk assessment’ and ‘durability’ and also probably ‘generically nice’. I had intentions to place some jazzy little numbers in around and about, that work in very much the opposite way, hence ‘the 1% that could not be’.

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