One shows the other.


This was another piece that I had to write a description/concept/context statement for recently. Much like my previous statement about the Open Studio, there is much to be fiddled with still in this text, but hey, its good practice.

The two pieces are long, tall and spindly. Made from off cuts of 2×2, odds and sods, found objects. One of the pair suspends a tree branch horizontally above a blue melamine shop counter of similar length. The other is more erect, but no less crude or precarious. It holds aloft a pair of speakers, and supports an improvised projection booth, which shows a video of the two-hour long process of making the initial piece of the pair. Perched upon and strapped to the underside of its crossbeams it has slow rotating disco mirrors, and a protruding spotlight that illuminates these. These in turn reflect this solitary light source onto the other piece, stood tiptoe opposite it. A mundane, inane, terrible disco song plays on repeat in counterpoint to the banging, drilling and general construction noises emanating from the video that shows the other being made.

The starting point was to make something out of everything I had, as quickly as possible, as opposed to not making something (to fill a void). Once this process was deemed complete, the importance of showing this making process became apparent, and thus the second piece of the pair was constructed to house this video documentation. Each individual concept is represented by an individual piece, making the pair.

The work starts with a primal need to create, and draws upon strategies of letting the materials suggest possible combinations and forms, with the dangers of contemplation and reflection being shunted to one side, allowing something to happen for the sake of happening. As Mr Rotten once shouted “I don’t know what I want, but I know how to get it”. These pieces were not built to last, but they had to be built all the same.

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